Assigning Orders to Couriers in Meal Delivery via Integer Programming

We investigate some optimization models for meal delivery that stem from a collaboration with an Italian company mainly operating in Rome. The focus of this company is on top-end customers, and the company pursues high Quality of Service through a careful management of delays. We then design optimization models and algorithms for dispatching orders to … Read more

Circular Ones Matrices and the Stable Set Polytope of Quasi-Line Graphs

It is a long standing open problem to find an explicit description of the stable set polytope of claw-free graphs. Yet more than 20 years after the discovery of a polynomial algorithm for the maximum stable set problem for claw-free graphs, there is even no conjecture at hand today. Such a conjecture exists for the … Read more

Domination between traffic matrices

A traffic matrix $D^1$ dominates a traffic matrix $D^2$ if $D^2$ can be routed on every (capacitated) network where $D^1$ can be routed. We prove that $D^1$ dominates $D^2$ if and only if $D^1$, considered as a capacity vector, supports $D^2$. We show several generalizations of this result. Citation Centro Vito Volterra, Universita’ di Roma … Read more

Clique Family Inequalities for the Stable Set Polytope of Quasi-Line Graphs

In one of fundamental work in combinatorial optimization Edmonds gave a complete linear description of the matching polytope. Matchings in a graph are equivalent to stable sets its line graph. Also the neighborhood of any vertex in a line graph partitions into two cliques: graphs with this latter property are called quasi-line graphs. Quasi-line graphs … Read more

Solving Stability Problems on a Superclass of Interval Graphs

We introduce a graph invariant, called thinness, and show that a maximum weighted stable set on a graph $G(V, E)$ with thinness $k$ may be found in $O(\frac{|V|}{k})^k$-time, if a certain representation is given. We show that a graph has thinness 1 if and only if it is an interval graph, while a graph with … Read more