Weak subgradient algorithm for solving nonsmooth nonconvex unconstrained optimization problems

This paper presents a weak subgradient based method for solving nonconvex unconstrained optimization problems. The method uses a weak subgradient of the objective function at a current point, to generate a new one at every iteration. The concept of the weak subgradient is based on the idea of using supporting cones to the graph of … Read more

Properly optimal elements in vector optimization with variable ordering structures

In this paper, proper optimality concepts in vector optimization with variable ordering structures are introduced for the first time and characterization results via scalarizations are given. New type of scalarizing functionals are presented and their properties are discussed. The scalarization approach suggested in the paper does not require convexity and boundedness conditions. Citation Preprint of … Read more

A Generalization of a Theorem of Arrow, Barankin and Blackwell to a Nonconvex Case

The paper presents a generalization of a known density theorem of Arrow, Barankin, and Blackwell for properly efficient points defined as support points of sets with respect to monotonically increasing sublinear functions. This result is shown to hold for nonconvex sets of a reflexive Banach space partially ordered by a Bishop–Phelps cone. Citation Department of … Read more