A Branch-and-Price Algorithm for the Minimum Sum Coloring Problem

A proper coloring of a given graph is an assignment of colors (integer numbers) to its vertices such that two adjacent vertices receives di different colors. This paper studies the Minimum Sum Coloring Problem (MSCP), which asks for fi nding a proper coloring while minimizing the sum of the colors assigned to the vertices. This paper presents … Read more

An exact algorithm for robust influence maximization

We propose a Branch-and-Cut algorithm for the robust influence maximization problem. The influence maximization problem aims to identify, in a social network, a set of given cardinality comprising actors that are able to influence the maximum number of other actors. We assume that the social network is given in the form of a graph with … Read more

A Benders squared (B2) framework for infinite-horizon stochastic linear programs

We propose a nested decomposition scheme for infinite-horizon stochastic linear programs. Our approach can be seen as a provably convergent extension of stochastic dual dynamic programming to the infinite-horizon setting: we explore a sequence of finite-horizon problems of increasing length until we can prove convergence with a given confidence level. The methodology alternates between a … Read more