A Robust Location-Allocation Model for Optimizing a Multi-Echelon Blood Supply Chain Network Under Uncertainty

Designing and planning blood supply chains is very complicated due to its uncertain nature, such as uncertain blood demand, high vulnerability to disruptions, irregular donation, and blood perishability. In this vein, this paper seeks to optimize a multi-echelon blood supply chain network under uncertainty by designing a robust location-allocation model. The magnitude of the earthquake … Read more

Data Envelopment Analysis of two-stage processes: An alternative (non-conventional) approach

Network data envelopment analysis (NDEA) is an extension of standard data envelopment analysis that models the efficiency assessment of DMUs by considering their internal structure. While in standard DEA the DMU is regarded as a single process, in NDEA the DMU is viewed as a network of interconnected sub-processes (stages, divisions), where the flow of … Read more