Locating Platforms and Scheduling a Fleet of Drones for Emergency Delivery of Perishable Items

Motivated by issues dealing with delivery of emergency medical products during humanitarian disasters, this paper addresses the general problem of delivering perishable items to remote demands accessible only by helicopters or drones. Each drone operates out of platforms that may be moved when not in use and each drone has a limited delivery range to … Read more

An Exact Solution Method for the TSP with Drone Based on Decomposition

The Traveling Salesperson Problem with Drone (TSP–D) is a routing model in which a given set of customer locations must be visited in the least amount of time, either by a truck route starting and ending at a depot or by a drone dispatched from the truck en route. We study the TSP–D model and … Read more

Two-stage stochastic programming model for routing multiple drones with fuel constraints

Uses of drones and unmanned vehicles (UAVs) in ground or aerial are increasing in both civil and military applications. This paper develops a two-stage stochastic optimization model with a recourse for a multiple drone-routing problem with fuel constraints under uncertainty for the travel between any pair of targets/refueling-sites/depot. We are given a set of n … Read more