Stabilizing GNEP-Based Model Predictive Control: Quasi-GNEPs and End Constraints

We present a feedback scheme for non-cooperative dynamic games and investigate its stabilizing properties. The dynamic games are modeled as generalized Nash equilibrium problems (GNEP), in which the shared constraint consists of linear time-discrete dynamic equations (e.g., sampled from a partial or ordinary differential equation), which are jointly controlled by the players’ actions. Further, the … Read more

Optimality Conditions and Constraint Qualifications for Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problems and their Practical Implications

Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problems (GNEPs) are a generalization of the classic Nash Equilibrium Problems (NEPs), where each player’s strategy set depends on the choices of the other players. In this work we study constraint qualifications and optimality conditions tailored for GNEPs and we discuss their relations and implications for global convergence of algorithms. Surprisingly, differently … Read more