Coverings and Matchings in r-Partite Hypergraphs

Ryser’s conjecture postulates that, for $r$-partite hypergraphs, $\tau \leq (r-1) \nu$ where $\tau$ is the covering number of the hypergraph and $\nu$ is the matching number. Although this conjecture has been open since the 1960s, researchers have resolved it for special cases such as for intersecting hypergraphs where $r \leq 5$. In this paper, we … Read more

Combinatorial relaxations of the k-traveling salesman problem

The k-traveling salesman problem, or k-TSP is: given a graph with edge weights and an integer k, find a simple cycle of minimum weight visiting exactly k nodes. To obtain lower bounds for the traveling salesman problem the 2-matching relaxation and the 1-tree relaxation can be used. We generalize these two relaxations for the k-TSP. … Read more

Stable Matchings for A Generalized Marriage Problem

We show that a simple genralization of the Deferred Acceptance Procedure with men proposing due to Gale and Shapley(1962), yeilds outcomes for a generalized marriage problem, which are necessarily stable. We also show, that any outcome of this prcedure is Weakly Pareto Optimal for Men, i.e., there is no other outcome which all men prefer … Read more