Note: Optimal non-homogeneous composites for dynamic loading revisited

The continuous adjoint sensitivity analysis for a class of optimal design problem, formerly studied in (Turteltaub, 2005), is revisited in this note. Full details of derivation is presented. It is shown that the adjoint PDE derived in this study is not identical to one derived in (Turteltaub, 2005). Article Download View Note: Optimal non-homogeneous composites … Read more

Interior Point Methods for Computing Optimal Designs

In this paper we study interior point (IP) methods for solving optimal design problems. In particular, we propose a primal IP method for solving the problems with general convex optimality criteria and establish its global convergence. In addition, we reformulate the problems with A-, D- and E-criterion into linear or log-determinant semidefinite programs (SDPs) and … Read more