The s-Monotone Index Selection Rule for Criss-Cross Algorithms of Linear Complementarity Problems

In this paper we introduce the s-monotone index selection rules for the well-known crisscross method for solving the linear complementarity problem (LCP). Most LCP solution methods require a priori information about the properties of the input matrix. One of the most general matrix properties often required for finiteness of the pivot algorithms (or polynomial complexity … Read more

A reduced duality gaps simplex algorithm for linear programming

In this paper we devise a new version of primal simplex algorithms in which the classical iteration is decomposed two basic operations: the move and the pivot. The move operation decreases the primal objective value and the pivot operation increases the dual objective. We define the condition number of the pivot operation and present a … Read more

Classical Simplex Methods for Linear Programming and Their Developments

This paper presents a new primal dual simplex method and investigates the duality formation implying in classical simplex methods. We reviews classical simplex methods for linear programming problems and give a detail discussion for the relation between modern and classical algorithms. The two modified versions are present. The advantages of the new algorithms are simplicity … Read more