Complexity and global rates of trust-region methods based on probabilistic models

Trust-region algorithms have been proved to globally converge with probability one when the accuracy of the trust-region models is imposed with a certain probability conditioning on the iteration history. In this paper, we study their complexity, providing global rates and worst case complexity bounds on the number of iterations (with overwhelmingly high probability), for both … Read more

Stochastic Optimization using a Trust-Region Method and Random Models

In this paper, we propose and analyze a trust-region model-based algorithm for solving unconstrained stochastic optimization problems. Our framework utilizes random models of an objective function $f(x)$, obtained from stochastic observations of the function or its gradient. Our method also utilizes estimates of function values to gauge progress that is being made. The convergence analysis … Read more

Convergence of trust-region methods based on probabilistic models

In this paper we consider the use of probabilistic or random models within a classical trust-region framework for optimization of deterministic smooth general nonlinear functions. Our method and setting differs from many stochastic optimization approaches in two principal ways. Firstly, we assume that the value of the function itself can be computed without noise, in … Read more