A Hessian inversion-free exact second order method for distributed consensus optimization

We consider a standard distributed consensus optimization problem where a set of agents connected over an undirected network minimize the sum of their individual (local) strongly convex costs. Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers (ADMM) and Proximal Method of Multipliers (PMM) have been proved to be effective frameworks for design of exact distributed second order methods … Read more

Iteration-complexity of a Rockafellar’s proximal method of multipliers for convex programming based on second-order approximations

This paper studies the iteration-complexity of a new primal-dual algorithm based on Rockafellar’s proximal method of multipliers (PMM) for solving smooth convex programming problems with inequality constraints. In each step, either a step of Rockafellar’s PMM for a second-order model of the problem is computed or a relaxed extragradient step is performed. The resulting algorithm … Read more