Tubechallenges: Can OR help break records?

Several ‘tubechallenges’ have been attempted on the London Underground network, often gaining vast press coverage. The most famous of them consists of trying to travel to all 275 stations of the London Underground network (known as ‘the tube’) in the shortest possible time. In this article we examine how Operational Research can assist potential record-breakers, … Read more

Routing and wavelength assignment by partition coloring

We show in this work how the problem of routing and wavelength assignment in all-optical networks may be solved by a combined approach involving the computation of alternative routes for the lightpaths, followed by the solution of a partition coloring problem in a conflict graph. A new tabu search heuristic is also proposed for the … Read more

A genetic algorithm for the weight setting problem in OSPF routing

With the growth of the Internet, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) try to meet the increasing traffic demand with new technology and improved utilization of existing resources. Routing of data packets can affect network utilization. Packets are sent along network paths from source to destination following a protocol. Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is the most … Read more

A GRASP with path-relinking for private virtual circuit routing

A frame relay service offers virtual private networks to customers by provisioning a set of long-term private virtual circuits (PVCs) between customer endpoints on a large backbone network. During the provisioning of a PVC, routing decisions are made without any knowledge of future requests. Over time, these decisions can cause inefficiencies in the network and … Read more