An explicit equivalent positive semidefinite program for nonlinear 0-1 programs

We consider the general nonlinear optimization problem in 0-1 variables and provide an explicit equivalent positive semidefinite program in $2^n-1$ variables. The optimal values of both problems are identical. From every optimal solution of the former one easily find an optimal solution of the latter and conversely, from every solution of the latter one may … Read more

A Comparative Study of Large-Scale Nonlinear Optimization Algorithms

In recent years, much work has been done on implementing a variety of algorithms in nonlinear programming software. In this paper, we analyze the performance of several state-of-the-art optimization codes on large-scale nonlinear optimization problems. Extensive numerical results are presented on different classes of problems, and features of each code that make it efficient or … Read more

Power transmission network design by a greedy randomized adaptive path relinking approach

This paper illustrates results obtained by a new metaheuristic approach, Greedy Randomized Adaptive Path Relinking, applied to solve static power transmission network design problems. This new approach consists of a generalization of GRASP concepts to explore different trajectories between two Citation AT&T Labs Research Report, December 2001 Submitted to PSCC’02. Article Download View Power transmission … Read more