Sparse Polynomial Optimization with Unbounded Sets

This paper considers sparse polynomial optimization with unbounded sets. When the problem possesses correlative sparsity, we propose a sparse homogenized Moment-SOS hierarchy with perturbations to solve it. The new hierarchy introduces one extra auxiliary variable for each variable clique according to the correlative sparsity pattern. Under the running intersection property, we prove that this hierarchy has asymptotic convergence. Furthermore, we provide two alternative sparse hierarchies to remove perturbations while preserving asymptotic convergence. As byproducts, new Positivstellensätze are obtained for sparse positive polynomials on unbounded sets. Extensive numerical experiments demonstrate the power of our approach in solving sparse polynomial optimization problems on unbounded sets with up to thousands of variables. Finally, we apply our approach to tackle two trajectory optimization problems (block-moving with minimum work and optimal control of Van der Pol).



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