A Computational Study of Constraint Programming Approaches for Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling with Autonomous Learning Effects

It is well-known that experience can lead to increased efficiency, yet this is largely unaccounted for in project scheduling. We consider project scheduling problems where the duration of activities can be reduced when scheduled after certain other activities that allow for learning relevant skills. Since per-period availabilities of renewable resources are limited and precedence requirements … Read more

Optimal Steiner Trees Under Node and Edge Privacy Conflicts

In this work, we suggest concepts and solution methodologies for a series of strategic network design problems that find application in highly data-sensitive industries, such as, for instance, the high-tech, governmental, or military sector. Our focus is on the installation of widely used cost-efficient tree-structured communication infrastructure. As base model we use the well-known Steiner … Read more

Capacitated ring arborescence problems with profits

In this work we introduce profit-oriented capacitated ring arborescence problems and present exact and heuristic algorithms. These combinatorial network design problems ask for optimized bi-level networks taking into account arc costs and node profits. Solutions combine circuits on the inner level with arborescences on the outer level of the networks. We consider the prize-collecting, the … Read more

Exact algorithms for bi-objective ring tree problems with reliability measures

We introduce bi-objective models for ring tree network design with a focus on network reliability within telecommunication applications. Our approaches generalize the capacitated ring tree problem (CRTP) which asks for a partially reliable topology that connects customers with different security requirements to a depot node by combined ring and tree graphs. While the CRTP aims … Read more