Smoothing fast iterative hard thresholding algorithm for $\ell_0$ regularized nonsmooth convex regression problem

We investigate a class of constrained sparse regression problem with cardinality penalty, where the feasible set is defined by box constraint, and the loss function is convex, but not necessarily smooth. First, we put forward a smoothing fast iterative hard thresholding (SFIHT) algorithm for solving such optimization problems, which combines smoothing approximations, extrapolation techniques and … Read more

Optimality and complexity for constrained optimization problems with nonconvex regularization

In this paper, we consider a class of constrained optimization problems where the feasible set is a general closed convex set and the objective function has a nonsmooth, nonconvex regularizer. Such regularizer includes widely used SCAD, MCP, logistic, fraction, hard thresholding and non-Lipschitz $L_p$ penalties as special cases. Using the theory of the generalized directional … Read more

Complexity Analysis of Interior Point Algorithms for Non-Lipschitz and Nonconvex Minimization

We propose a first order interior point algorithm for a class of non-Lipschitz and nonconvex minimization problems with box constraints, which arise from applications in variable selection and regularized optimization. The objective functions of these problems are continuously differentiable typically at interior points of the feasible set. Our algorithm is easy to implement and the … Read more

Smoothing SQP Algorithm for Non-Lipschitz Optimization with Complexity Analysis

In this paper, we propose a smoothing sequential quadratic programming (SSQP) algorithm for solving a class of nonsmooth nonconvex, perhaps even non-Lipschitz minimization problems, which has wide applications in statistics and sparse reconstruction. At each step, the SSQP algorithm solves a strongly convex quadratic minimization problem with a diagonal Hessian matrix, which has a simple … Read more