On Constrained Mixed-Integer DR-Submodular Minimization

DR-submodular functions encompass a broad class of functions which are generally non-convex and non-concave. We study the problem of minimizing any DR-submodular function, with continuous and general integer variables, under box constraints and possibly additional monotonicity constraints. We propose valid linear inequalities for the epigraph of any DR-submodular function under the constraints. We further provide … Read more

Strong valid inequalities for a class of concave submodular minimization problems under cardinality constraints

We study the polyhedral convex hull structure of a mixed-integer set which arises in a class of cardinality-constrained concave submodular minimization problems. This class of problems has an objective function in the form of $f(a^\top x)$, where $f$ is a univariate concave function, $a$ is a non-negative vector, and $x$ is a binary vector of … Read more

An Exact Cutting Plane Method for hBcsubmodular Function Maximization

A natural and important generalization of submodularity—$k$-submodularity—applies to set functions with $k$ arguments and appears in a broad range of applications, such as infrastructure design, machine learning, and healthcare. In this paper, we study maximization problems with $k$-submodular objective functions. We propose valid linear inequalities, namely the $k$-submodular inequalities, for the hypograph of any $k$-submodular … Read more

A Polyhedral Approach to Bisubmodular Function Minimization

We consider minimization problems with bisubmodular objective functions. We propose a class of valid inequalities, which we call the poly-bimatroid inequalities and prove that these inequalities, along with trivial bound constraints, fully describe the convex hull of the epigraph of a bisubmodular function. We develop a cutting plane algorithm for general bisubmodular minimization problems using … Read more