Globally Solving a Class of Optimal Power Flow Problems in Radial Networks by Tree Reduction

We devise an algorithm for finding the global optimal solution of the so-called optimal power flow problem (OPF) for a class of power networks with a tree topology, also called radial networks, for which an efficient and reliable algorithm was not previously known. The algorithm we present is called the tree reduction/expansion method, and is … Read more

Cooperative Wireless Sensor Network Positioning via Implicit Convex Feasibility

We propose a distributed positioning algorithm to estimate the unknown positions of a number of target nodes, given distance measurements between target nodes and between target nodes and a number of reference nodes at known positions. Based on a geometric interpretation, we formulate the positioning problem as an implicit convex feasibility problem in which some … Read more

Projected subgradient minimization versus superiorization

The projected subgradient method for constrained minimization repeatedly interlaces subgradient steps for the objective function with projections onto the feasible region, which is the intersection of closed and convex constraints sets, to regain feasibility. The latter poses a computational difficulty and, therefore, the projected subgradient method is applicable only when the feasible region is ‚Äúsimple … Read more