Robust truss optimization using the sequential parametric convex approximation method

We study the design of robust truss structures under mechanical equilibrium, displacements and stress constraints. Our main objective is to minimize the total amount of material, for the purpose of finding the most economic structure. A robust design is found by considering load perturbations. The nature of the constraints makes the mathematical program nonconvex. In … Read more

A Feasible Direction Algorithm for Nonlinear Second-Order Cone Optimization Problems

In this work we present a new feasible direction algorithm for solving smooth nonlinear second-order cone programs. These problems consist of minimizing a nonlinear di erentiable objective function subject to some nonlinear second-order cone constraints. Given a point interior to the feasible set de nfined by the nonlinear constraints, the proposed approach computes a feasible and descent … Read more

Stochastic Topology Design Optimization for Continuous Elastic Materials

In this paper, we develop a stochastic model for topology optimization. We find robust structures that minimize the compliance for a given main load having a stochastic behavior. We propose a model that takes into account the expected value of the compliance and its variance. We show that, similarly to the case of truss structures, … Read more

Hybrid extragradient proximal algorithm coupled with parametric approximation and penalty/barrier methods

In this paper we study the hybrid extragradient method coupled with approximation and penalty schemes for minimization problems. Under certain hypotheses, that include for example the case of Tikhonov regularization, we prove convergence of the method to the solution set of our minimization problem. When we use schemes of penalization or barrier we can show … Read more

Convergence of a hybrid projection-proximal point algorithm coupled with approximation methods in convex optimization

In order to minimize a closed convex function that is approximated by a sequence of better behaved functions, we investigate the global convergence of a generic diagonal hybrid algorithm, which consists of an inexact relaxed proximal point step followed by a suitable orthogonal projection onto a hyperplane. The latter permits to consider a fixed relative … Read more