The limitation of neural nets for approximation and optimization

We are interested in assessing the use of neural networks as surrogate models to approximate and minimize objective functions in optimization problems. While neural networks are widely used for machine learning tasks such as classification and regression, their application in solving optimization problems has been limited. Our study begins by determining the best activation function … Read more

Bilevel optimization with a multi-objective lower-level problem: Risk-neutral and risk-averse formulations

In this work, we propose different formulations and gradient-based algorithms for deterministic and stochastic bilevel problems with conflicting objectives in the lower level. Such problems have received little attention in the deterministic case and have never been studied from a stochastic approximation viewpoint despite the recent advances in stochastic methods for single-level, bilevel, and multi-objective … Read more

An integrated assignment, routing, and speed model for roadway mobility and transportation with environmental, efficiency, and service goals

Managing all the mobility and transportation services with autonomous vehicles for users of a smart city requires determining the assignment of the vehicles to the users and their routing in conjunction with their speed. Such decisions must ensure low emission, efficiency, and high service quality by also considering the impact on traffic congestion caused by … Read more