Application of the Strictly Contractive Peaceman-Rachford Splitting Method to Multi-block Separable Convex Programming

Recently, a strictly contractive Peaceman- Rachford splitting method (SC-PRSM) was proposed to solve a convex minimization model with linear constraints and a separable objective function which is the sum of two functions without coupled variables. We show by an example that the SC-PRSM cannot be directly extended to the case where the objective function is … Read more

On full Jacobian decomposition of the augmented Lagrangian method for separable convex programming

The augmented Lagrangian method (ALM) is a benchmark for solving the convex minimization problem with linear constraints. We consider the special case where the objective is in form of the sum of m functions without coupled variables. For solving this separable convex programming model, it is usually required to decompose the ALM subproblem at each … Read more

Convergence rate and iteration complexity on the alternating direction method of multipliers with a substitution procedure for separable convex programming

Recently, in [17] we have showed the first possibility of combining the Douglas-Rachford alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM) with a Gaussian back substitution procedure for solving a convex minimization model with a general separable structure. This paper is a further study on theoretical aspects of this theme. We first derive a general algorithmic framework … Read more

Proximal-like contraction methods for monotone variational inequalities in a unified framework

Approximate proximal point algorithms (abbreviated as APPAs) are classical approaches for convex optimization problems and monotone variational inequalities. To solve the subproblems of these algorithms, the projection method takes the iteration in form of $u^{k+1} = P_{\Omega}[u^k-\alpha_k d^k]$. Interestingly, many of them can be paired such that $%\exists \tilde{u}^k, \tilde{u}^k = P_{\Omega}[u^k – \beta_kF(v^k)] = … Read more