Face Dimensions of General-Purpose Cutting Planes for Mixed-Integer Linear Programs

Cutting planes are a key ingredient to successfully solve mixed-integer linear programs. For specific problems, their strength is often theoretically assessed by showing that they are facet-defining for the corresponding mixed-integer hull. In this paper we experimentally investigate the dimensions of faces induced by general-purpose cutting planes generated by a state-of-the-art solver. Therefore, we relate … Read more

Dimension in Polynomial Variational Inequalities

The aim of the paper is twofold. Firstly, by using the constant rank level set theorem from differential geometry, we establish sharp upper bounds for the dimensions of the solution sets of polynomial variational inequalities under mild conditions. Secondly, a classification of polynomial variational inequalities based on dimensions of their solution sets is introduced and … Read more

The dimension of semialgebraic subdifferential graphs.

Examples exist of extended-real-valued closed functions on $\R^n$ whose subdifferentials (in the standard, limiting sense) have large graphs. By contrast, if such a function is semi-algebraic, then its subdifferential graph must have everywhere constant local dimension $n$. This result is related to a celebrated theorem of Minty, and surprisingly may fail for the Clarke subdifferential. … Read more