Continuity of the conic hull

In a real Hilbert space V, the conic hull of G is the set cone(G) consisting of all nonnegative linear combinations of elements of G. Many optimization problems are sensitive to the changes in cone(G) that result from changes in G itself. Motivated by one such problem, we derive necessary and sufficient conditions for the … Read more

When a maximal angle among cones is nonobtuse

Principal angles between linear subspaces have been studied for their application to statistics, numerical linear algebra, and other areas. In 2005, Iusem and Seeger defined critical angles within a single convex cone as an extension of antipodality in a compact set. Then, in 2016, Seeger and Sossa extended that notion to two cones. This was … Read more

On measures of size for convex cones

By using an axiomatic approach we formalize the concept of size index for closed convex cones in the Euclidean space $\mathbb{R}^n$. We review a dozen of size indices disseminated through the literature, commenting on the advantages and disadvantages of each choice. Citation To appear in Journal of Convex Analysis (2015) Article Download View On measures … Read more