New Discoveries of Domination between Traffic Matrices

A traffic matrix $D_1$ dominates a traffic matrix $D_2$ if any capacity reservation supporting $D_1$ supports $D_2$ as well. We prove that $D_3$ dominates $D_3+ \lambda(D_2-D_1)$ for any $\lambda\geq 0$ if $D_1$ dominates $D_2$. By the property , it is pointed out that the domains supported by different traffic matrices are isomorphic on the extended … Read more

Efficiency and Fairness of System-Optimal Routing with User Constraints

We study the route-guidance system proposed by Jahn, Möhring, Schulz and Stier-Moses (2004) from a theoretical perspective. This approach computes a traffic pattern that minimizes the total travel time subject to user constraints, which ensure that routes suggested to users are not much longer than shortest paths. We show that when distances are measured with … Read more

Solving large scale linear multicommodity flow problems with an active set strategy and Proximal-ACCPM

In this paper, we propose to solve the linear multicommodity flow problem using a partial Lagrangian relaxation. The relaxation is restricted to the set of arcs that are likely to be saturated at the optimum. This set is itself approximated by an active set strategy. The partial Lagrangian dual is solved with Proximal-ACCPM, a variant … Read more