A First-Order Algorithm for the A-Optimal Experimental Design Problem: A Mathematical Programming Approach

We develop and analyse a first-order algorithm for the A-optimal experimental design problem. The problem is first presented as a special case of a parametric family of optimal design problems for which duality results and optimality conditions are given. Then, two first-order (Frank-Wolfe type) algorithms are presented, accompanied by a detailed time-complexity analysis of the … Read more

Interior Point Methods for Optimal Experimental Designs

In this paper, we propose a primal IP method for solving the optimal experimental design problem with a large class of smooth convex optimality criteria, including A-, D- and p th mean criterion, and establish its global convergence. We also show that the Newton direction can be computed efficiently when the size of the moment … Read more

Duality of ellipsoidal approximations via semi-infinite programming

In this work, we develop duality of the minimum volume circumscribed ellipsoid and the maximum volume inscribed ellipsoid problems. We present a unified treatment of both problems using convex semi–infinite programming. We establish the known duality relationship between the minimum volume circumscribed ellipsoid problem and the optimal experimental design problem in statistics. The duality results … Read more