Limited-memory projective variable metric methods for unconstrained minimization

A new family of limited-memory variable metric or quasi-Newton methods for unconstrained minimization is given. The methods are based on a positive definite inverse Hessian approximation in the form of the sum of identity matrix and two low rank matrices, obtained by the standard scaled Broyden class update. To reduce the rank of matrices, various … Read more

Basis partition of the space of linear programs through a differential equation

The space of linear programs (LP) can be partitioned into a finite number of sets, each corresponding to a basis. This partition is thus called the basis partition. The closed-form solution on the space of LP can be determined with the basis partition if we can characterize the basis partition. A differential equation on the … Read more

Representing the space of linear programs as a Grassmannian

We represent the space of linear programs as the space of projection matrices. Projection matrices of the same dimension and rank comprise a Grassmannian, which has rich geometric and algebraic structures. An ordinary differential equation on the space of projection matrices defines a path for each projection matrix associated with a linear programming instance and … Read more