Short simplex paths in lattice polytopes

We consider the problem of optimizing a linear function over a lattice polytope P contained in [0,k]^n and defined via m linear inequalities. We design a simplex algorithm that, given an initial vertex, reaches an optimal vertex by tracing a path along the edges of P of length at most O(n^6 k log k). The … Read more

Can linear superiorization be useful for linear optimization problems?

Linear superiorization considers linear programming problems but instead of attempting to solve them with linear optimization methods it employs perturbation resilient feasibility-seeking algorithms and steers them toward reduced (not necessarily minimal) target function values. The two questions that we set out to explore experimentally are (i) Does linear superiorization provide a feasible point whose linear … Read more

A generalized simplex method for integer problems given by verification oracles

We consider a linear problem over a finite set of integer vectors and assume that there is a verification oracle, which is an algorithm being able to verify whether a given vector optimizes a given linear function over the feasible set. Given an initial solution, the algorithm proposed in this paper finds an optimal solution … Read more

Another pedagogy for pure-integer Gomory

We present pure-integer Gomory cuts in a way so that they are derived with respect to a “dual form” pure-integer optimization problem and applied on the standard-form primal side as columns, using the primal simplex algorithm. The input integer problem is not in standard form, and so the cuts are derived a bit differently. In … Read more

Simplex Algorithm for Countable-state Discounted Markov Decision Processes

We consider discounted Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) with countably-infinite state spaces, finite action spaces, and unbounded rewards. Typical examples of such MDPs are inventory management and queueing control problems in which there is no specific limit on the size of inventory or queue. Existing solution methods obtain a sequence of policies that converges to optimality … Read more

A Nonstandard Simplex Algorithm for Linear Programming

The simplex algorithm travels, on the underlying polyhedron, from vertex to vertex until reaching an optimal vertex. With the same simplex framework, the proposed algorithm generates a series of feasible points (which are not necessarily vertices). In particular, it is exactly an interior point algorithm if the initial point used is interior. Computational experiments show … Read more