Discrete optimization methods to fit piecewise-affine models to data points

Fitting piecewise affine models to data points is a pervasive task in many scientific disciplines. In this work, we address the k- Piecewise Affine Model Fitting with Pairwise Linear Separability problem (k-PAMF-PLS) where, given a set of real points and the corresponding observations, we have to partition the real domain into k pairwise linearly separable … Read more

Coordinated cutting plane generation via multi-objective separation

In cutting plane methods, the question of how to generate the “best possible” set of cuts is both central and crucial. We propose a lexicographic multi-objective cutting plane generation scheme that generates, among all the maximally violated valid inequalities of a given family, an inequality that is undominated and maximally diverse w.r.t. the cuts that … Read more

Provisioning Virtual Private Networks under traffic uncertainty

We investigate a network design problem under traffic uncertainty which arises when provisioning Virtual Private Networks (VPNs): given a set of terminals that must communicate with one another, and a set of possible traffic matrices, sufficient capacity has to be reserved on the links of the large underlying public network so as to support all … Read more

Boundedness Theorems for the Relaxation Method

A classical theorem by Block and Levin says that certain variants of the relaxation method for solving systems of linear inequalities produce bounded sequences of intermediate solutions even when running on inconsistent input data. Using a new approach, we prove a more general version of this result and answer an old open problem of quantifying … Read more