On the convergence rate of the Cauchy algorithm in the l2 norm

This paper presents a convergence rate for the sequence generated by the Cauchy algorithm. The method is applied to a convex quadratic function with exact line search. Instead of using the norm induced by the hessian matrix, the q-linear convergence is shown for the l2 (or Euclidean) norm. Citation Tecnhical Report, Dep. Mathematics, Federal University … Read more

A globally convergent filter method for nonlinear programming

In this paper we present a filter algorithm for nonlinear programming and prove its global convergence to stationary points. Each iteration is composed of a restoration phase, which reduces a measure of infeasibility, and an optimality phase, which reduces the objective function in a tangential approximation of the feasible set. These two phases are totally … Read more

Examples of ill-behaved central paths in convex optimization

This paper presents some examples of ill-behaved central paths in convex optimization. Some contain infinitely many fixed length central segments; others manifest oscillations with infinite variation. These central paths can be encountered even for infinitely differentiable data. Citation Rapport de recherche 4179, INRIA, France, 2001 Article Download View Examples of ill-behaved central paths in convex … Read more