Dynamic Portfolio Selection with Linear Control Policies for Coherent Risk Minimization

This paper is concerned with a linear control policy for dynamic portfolio selection. We develop this policy by incorporating time-series behaviors of asset returns on the basis of coherent risk minimization. Analyzing the dual form of our optimization model, we demonstrate that the investment performance of linear control policies is directly connected to the intertemporal … Read more

Simultaneous Pursuit of Out-of-Sample Performance and Sparsity in Index Tracking Portfolios

Index tracking is a passive investment strategy in which an investor purchases a set of assets to mimic a market index. The tracking error, the difference between the performances of the index and the portfolio, may be minimized by buying all the assets contained in the index. However, this strategy results in a considerable amount … Read more

On the Role of the Norm Constraint in Portfolio Selection

Recently, several optimization approaches for portfolio selection have been proposed in order to alleviate the estimation error in the optimal portfolio. Among such are the norm-constrained variance minimization and the robust portfolio models. In this paper, we examine the role of the norm constraint in the portfolio optimization from several directions. First, it is shown … Read more