Nash Bargaining Partitioning in Decentralized Portfolio Management

In the context of decentralized portfolio management, understanding how to distribute a fixed budget among decentralized intermediaries is a relevant question for financial investors. We consider the Nash bargaining partitioning for a class of decentralized investment problems, where intermediaries are in charge of the portfolio construction in heterogeneous local markets and act as risk/disutility minimizers. … Read more

An Almost Exact Multi-Machine Scheduling Solution for Homogeneous Processing

In the context of job scheduling in parallel machines, we present a class of asymptotically exact binary programs for the minimization of the $\tau$-norm of completion time variances. Building on overlooked properties of the min completion time variance in a single machine and on an equivalent bilevel formulation, our approach provides an asymptotic approximation (with … Read more

An Almost Exact Solution to the Min Completion Time Variance in a Single Machine

We consider a single machine scheduling problem to minimize the completion time variance of n jobs. This problem is known to be NP-hard and our contribution is to establish a novel bounding condition for a characterization of an optimal sequence. Specifically, we prove a necessary and sufficient condition (which can be verified in O(n\log n)) … Read more

Sufficient condition on Schrage conjecture about the completion time variance

We consider a single machine scheduling problem to minimize the completion time variance. This roblem is known to be NP-hard. We prove that if $p_{n-1} = p_{n-2$, then there is an optimal solution of the form $(n,n-2,n-3,…,n-4,n-1)$. A new lower bound are proposed for solving the problem. The test on more than 4000 instances shows … Read more