Benders decomposition with scaled cuts for multistage stochastic mixed-integer programs

We consider Benders decomposition algorithms for multistage stochastic mixed-integer programs (SMIPs) with general mixed-integer decision variables at every node in the scenario tree. We derive a hierarchy of convex polyhedral lower bounds for the value functions and expected cost to-go functions in multistage SMIPs using affine parametric cutting planes in extended spaces for the feasible … Read more

Multi-Stage Robust Mixed-Integer Programming

Multi-stage robust optimization, in which decisions are taken sequentially as new information becomes available about the uncertain problem parameters, is a very versatile yet computationally challenging paradigm for decision-making under uncertainty. In this paper, we propose a new model and solution approach for multi-stage robust mixed-integer programs, which may contain both continuous and discrete decisions … Read more

A converging Benders’ decomposition algorithm for two-stage mixed-integer recourse models

We propose a new solution method for two-stage mixed-integer recourse models. In contrast to existing approaches, we can handle general mixed-integer variables in both stages, and thus, e.g., do not require that the first-stage variables are binary. Our solution method is a Benders’ decomposition, in which we iteratively construct tighter approximations of the expected second-stage … Read more

Inexact cutting planes for two-stage mixed-integer stochastic programs

We propose a novel way of applying cutting plane techniques to two-stage mixed-integer stochastic programs. Instead of using cutting planes that are always valid, our idea is to apply inexact cutting planes to the second-stage feasible regions that may cut away feasible integer second-stage solutions for some scenarios and may be overly conservative for others. … Read more

Piecewise constant decision rules via branch-and-bound based scenario detection for integer adjustable robust optimization

Multi-stage problems with uncertain parameters and integer decisions variables are among the most difficult applications of robust optimization (RO). The challenge in these problems is to find optimal here-and-now decisions, taking into account that the wait-and-see decisions have to adapt to the revealed values of the uncertain parameters. Postek and den Hertog (2016) and Bertsimas … Read more

Efficient methods for several classes of ambiguous stochastic programming problems under mean-MAD information

We consider decision making problems under uncertainty, assuming that only partial distributional information is available – as is often the case in practice. In such problems, the goal is to determine here-and-now decisions, which optimally balance deterministic immediate costs and worst-case expected future costs. These problems are challenging, since the worst-case distribution needs to be … Read more