Fast Approximations for Online Scheduling of Outpatient Procedure Centers

This paper presents a new model for online decision making. Motivated by the health care delivery application of dynamically allocating patients to procedure rooms in outpatient procedure centers, the online stochastic extensible bin packing problem is described. The objective is to minimize the combined costs of opening procedure rooms and utilizing overtime to complete a … Read more

Estimate sequence methods: extensions and approximations

The approach of estimate sequence offers an interesting rereading of a number of accelerating schemes proposed by Nesterov. It seems to us that this framework is the most appropriate descriptive framework to develop an analysis of the sensitivity of the schemes to approximations. We develop in this work a simple, self-contained, and unified framework for … Read more

Quasi-Newton methods on Grassmannians and multilinear approximations of tensors

In this paper we proposed quasi-Newton and limited memory quasi-Newton methods for objective functions defined on Grassmannians or a product of Grassmannians. Specifically we defined BFGS and L-BFGS updates in local and global coordinates on Grassmannians or a product of these. We proved that, when local coordinates are used, our BFGS updates on Grassmannians share … Read more