A Computational Study of Perspective Cuts

The benefits of cutting planes based on the perspective function are well known for many specific classes of mixed-integer nonlinear programs with on/off structures. However, we are not aware of any empirical studies that evaluate their applicability and computational impact over large, heterogeneous test sets in general-purpose solvers. This paper provides a detailed computational study … Read more

Exploiting Partial Convexity of Pump Characteristics in Water Network Design

The design of water networks consists of selecting pipe connections and pumps to ensure a given water demand to minimize investment and operating costs. Of particular importance is the modeling of variable speed pumps, which are usually represented by degree two and three polynomials approximating the characteristic diagrams. In total, this yields complex mixed-integer (non-convex) … Read more

An Outer-Inner Approximation for separable MINLPs

A common structure in convex mixed-integer nonlinear programs is separable nonlinear functions. In the presence of such structures, we propose three improvements to the outer approximation algorithms. The first improvement is a simple extended formulation, the second is a refined outer approximation, and the third is a heuristic inner approximation of the feasible region. These … Read more