A deterministic algorithm for solving stochastic minimax dynamic programmes

In this paper, we present an algorithm for solving stochastic minimax dynamic programmes where state and action sets are convex and compact. A feature of the formulations studied is the simultaneous non-rectangularity of both `min’ and `max’ feasibility sets. We begin by presenting convex programming upper and lower bound representations of saddle functions — extending … Read more

Robust PageRank: Stationary Distribution on a Growing Network Structure

PageRank (PR) is a challenging and important network ranking algorithm, which plays a crucial role in information technologies and numerical analysis due to its huge dimension and wide range of possible applications. The traditional approach to PR goes back to the pioneering paper of S. Brin and L. Page, who developed the initial method in … Read more

The Power of Diversity: Data-Driven Robust Predictive Control for Energy Efficient Buildings and Districts

The cooperative energy management of aggregated buildings has recently received a great deal of interest due to substantial potential energy savings. These gains are mainly obtained in two ways: (i) Exploiting the load shifting capabilities of the cooperative buildings; (ii) Utilizing the expensive but energy efficient equipment that is commonly shared by the building community … Read more

A Polynomial-Time Solution Scheme for Quadratic Stochastic Programs

We consider quadratic stochastic programs with random recourse – a class of problems which is perceived to be computationally demanding. Instead of using mainstream scenario tree-based techniques, we reduce computational complexity by restricting the space of recourse decisions to those linear and quadratic in the observations, thereby obtaining an upper bound on the original problem. … Read more