A Strongly Polynomial Simplex Method for Totally Unimodular LP

Kitahara and Mizuno get new bounds for the number of distinct solutions generated by the simplex method for linear programming (LP). In this paper, we combine results of Kitahara and Mizuno and Tardos’s strongly polynomial algorithm, and propose an algorithm for solving a standard form LP problem. The algorithm solves polynomial number of artificial LP … Read more

A polynomial predictor-corrector trust-region algorithm for linear programming

In this paper we present a scaling-invariant interior-point predictor-corrector type algorithm for linear programming (LP) whose iteration-complexity is polynomially bounded by the dimension and the logarithm of a certain condition number of the LP constraint matrix. At the predictor stage, the algorithm either takes the step along the standard affine scaling direction or a new … Read more

A strong bound on the integral of the central path curvature and its relationship with the iteration complexity of primal-dual path-following LP algorithms

The main goals of this paper are to: i) relate two iteration-complexity bounds associated with the Mizuno-Todd-Ye predictor-corrector algorithm for linear programming (LP), and; ii) study the geometrical structure of the central path in the context of LP. The first forementioned iteration-complexity bound is expressed in terms of an integral introduced by Sonnevend, Stoer and … Read more