Adaptive robust optimization with objective uncertainty

In this work, we study optimization problems where some cost parameters are not known at decision time and the decision flow is modeled as a two-stage process within a robust optimization setting. We address general problems in which all constraints (including those linking the first and the second stages) are defined by convex functions and … Read more

Two-Stage Robust Telemedicine Assignment Problem with Uncertain Service Duration and No-Show Behaviours

The current pandemic of COVID-19 has caused significant strain on medical center resources, which are the main places to provide the rapid response to COVID-19 through the adoption of telemedicine. Thus healthcare managers must make an effective assignment plan for the patients and telemedical doctors when providing telemedicine services. Motivated by this, we present the … Read more

Reliable p-median facility location problem: two-stage robust models and algorithms

In this paper, we propose a set of two-stage robust optimization models to design reliable p-median facility location networks subject to disruptions. A customized column-and- constraint generation approach is implemented and shown to be more effective than Benders cutting plane method. Numerical experiments are performed on real data and management insights on system design are … Read more

An Exact Algorithm for Two-stage Robust Optimization with Mixed Integer Recourse Problems

In this paper, we consider a linear two-stage robust optimization model with a mixed integer recourse problem. Currently, this type of two-stage robust optimization model does not have any exact solution algorithm available. We first present a set of sufficient conditions under which the existence of an optimal solution is guaranteed. Then, we present a … Read more

Solving Two-stage Robust Optimization Problems by A Constraint-and-Column Generation Method

We present a constraint-and-column generation algorithm to solve two-stage robust optimization problems. Compared with existing Benders style cutting plane methods, it is a general procedure with a unified approach to deal with optimality and feasibility. A computational study on a two-stage robust location-transportation problem shows that it performs an order of magnitude faster. Also, it … Read more