Optimal construction of a fund of funds

We study the problem of diversifying a given initial capital over a finite number of investment funds that follow different trading strategies. The investment funds operate in a market where a finite number of underlying assets may be traded over finite discrete time. We present a numerical procedure for finding a diversification that is optimal … Read more

Optimality conditions of set-valued optimization problem involving relative algebraic interior in ordered linear spaces

In this paper, firstly, a generalized subconvexlike set-valued map involving the relative algebraic interior is introduced in ordered linear spaces. Secondly, some properties of a generalized subconvexlike set-valued map are investigated. Finally, the optimality conditions of set-valued optimization problem are established. Citation {\bf AMS 2010 Subject Classifications:} 90C26, 90C29, 90C30 Article Download View Optimality conditions … Read more

Structured Sparsity via Alternating Direction Methods

We consider a class of sparse learning problems in high dimensional feature space regularized by a structured sparsity-inducing norm which incorporates prior knowledge of the group structure of the features. Such problems often pose a considerable challenge to optimization algorithms due to the non-smoothness and non-separability of the regularization term. In this paper, we focus … Read more

Hierarchical Classification via Orthogonal Transfer

We consider multiclass classification problems where the set of labels are organized hierarchically as a category tree. We associate each node in the tree with a classifier and classify the examples recursively from the root to the leaves. We propose a hierarchical Support Vector Machine (SVM) that encourages the classifier at each node of the … Read more