Adjustable robust optimization with objective uncertainty

In this work, we study optimization problems where some cost parameters are not known at decision time and the decision flow is modeled as a two-stage process within a robust optimization setting. We address general problems in which all constraints (including those linking the first and the second stages) are defined by convex functions and … Read more

Decomposition-based approaches for a class of two-stage robust binary optimization problems

In this paper, we study a class of two-stage robust binary optimization problems with objective uncertainty where recourse decisions are restricted to be mixed-binary. For these problems, we present a deterministic equivalent formulation through the convexification of the recourse feasible region. We then explore this formulation under the lens of a relaxation, showing that the … Read more

Optimizing power generation in the presence of micro-grids

In this paper we consider energy management optimization problems in a future wherein an interaction with micro-grids has to be accounted for. We will model this interaction through a set of contracts between the generation companies owning centralized assets and the micro-grids. We will formulate a general stylized model that can, in principle, account for … Read more