MIP-Based Instantaneous Control of Mixed-Integer PDE-Constrained Gas Transport Problems

We study the transient optimization of gas transport networks including both discrete controls due to switching of controllable elements and nonlinear fluid dynamics described by the system of isothermal Euler equations, which are partial differential equations in time and 1-dimensional space. This combination leads to mixed-integer optimization problems subject to nonlinear hyperbolic partial differential equations … Read more

Towards Simulation Based Mixed-Integer Optimization with Differential Equations

We propose a decomposition based method for solving mixed-integer nonlinear optimization problems with “black-box” nonlinearities, where the latter, e.g., may arise due to differential equations or expensive simulation runs. The method alternatingly solves a mixed-integer linear master problem and a separation problem for iteratively refining the mixed-integer linear relaxation of the nonlinearity. We prove that … Read more

Optimal location of family homes for dual career couples

The number of dual-career couples with children is growing fast. These couples face various challenging problems of organizing their lifes, in particular connected with childcare and time-management. As a typical example we study one of the difficult decision problems of a dual career couple from the point of view of operations research with a particular … Read more

Intensity based Three-Dimensional Reconstruction with Nonlinear Optimization

New images of a three-dimensional scene can be generated from known image sequences using lightfields. To get high quality images, it is important to have accurate information about the structure of the scene. In order to optimize this information, we define a residual-function. This function represents the difference between an image, rendered in a known … Read more

Optimal Nodal Control of Networked Hyperbolic Systems: Evaluation of Derivatives

We consider a networked system defined on a graph where each edge corresponds to a quasilinear hyperbolic system with space dimension one. At the nodes, the system is governed by algebraic node conditions. The system is controlled at the nodes of the graph. Optimal control problems for systems of this type arise in the operation … Read more