A low-rank augmented Lagrangian method for large-scale semidefinite programming based on a hybrid convex-nonconvex approach

\(\) This paper introduces HALLaR, a new first-order method for solving large-scale semidefinite programs (SDPs) with bounded domain. HALLaR is an inexact augmented Lagrangian (AL) method where the AL subproblems are solved by a novel hybrid low-rank (HLR) method. The recipe behind HLR is based on two key ingredients: 1) an adaptive inexact proximal point … Read more

A conic interior point decomposition approach for large scale semidefinite programming

We describe a conic interior point decomposition approach for solving a large scale semidefinite programs (SDP) whose primal feasible set is bounded. The idea is to solve such an SDP using existing primal-dual interior point methods, in an iterative fashion between a {\em master problem} and a {\em subproblem}. In our case, the master problem … Read more