Computational Methods for the Household Assignment Problem

We consider the household assignment problem as it occurs in the geo-referencing step of spatial microsimulation models. The resulting model is a maximum weight matching problem with additional side constraints. For real-world instances such as the one for the city of Trier in Germany, the number of binary variables exceeds 10^9, and the resulting instances … Read more

Active Set-based Inexact Proximal Bundle Algorithm for Stochastic Quadratic Programming

In this paper, we examine two-stage stochastic quadratic programming problems, where the objective function of the first and second stages are quadratic functions, and the constraints are linear. The uncertainty is associated with the second-stage right-hand side and variable bounds. In large-scale settings, when the number of scenarios necessary to represent the underlying stochastic process … Read more

A decomposition method for lasso problems with zero-sum constraint

In this paper, we consider lasso problems with zero-sum constraint, commonly required for the analysis of compositional data in high-dimensional spaces. A novel algorithm is proposed to solve these problems, combining a tailored active-set technique, to identify the zero variables in the optimal solution, with a 2-coordinate descent scheme. At every iteration, the algorithm chooses … Read more