Trust-Region Newton-CG with Strong Second-Order Complexity Guarantees for Nonconvex Optimization

Worst-case complexity guarantees for nonconvex optimization algorithms have been a topic of growing interest. Multiple frameworks that achieve the best known complexity bounds among a broad class of first- and second-order strategies have been proposed. These methods have often been designed primarily with complexity guarantees in mind and, as a result, represent a departure from … Read more

Approximating the Exponential, the Lanczos Method and an \tilde{O}(m)-Time Spectral Algorithm for Balanced Separator

We give a novel spectral approximation algorithm for the balanced separator problem that, given a graph G, a constant balance b \in (0,1/2], and a parameter \gamma, either finds an \Omega(b)-balanced cut of conductance O(\sqrt{\gamma}) in G, or outputs a certificate that all b-balanced cuts in G have conductance at least \gamma, and runs in … Read more

Solving Large-Scale Semidefinite Programs in Parallel

We describe an approach to the parallel and distributed solution of large-scale, block structured semidefinite programs using the spectral bundle method. Various elements of this approach (such as data distribution, an implicitly restarted Lanczos method tailored to handle block diagonal structure, a mixed polyhedral-semidefinite subdifferential model, and other aspects related to parallelism) are combined in … Read more