Behavior of Newton-type methods near critical solutions of nonlinear equations with semismooth derivatives

Having in mind singular solutions of smooth reformulations of complementarity problems, arising unavoidably when the solution in question violates strict complementarity, we study the behavior of Newton-type methods near singular solutions of nonlinear equations, assuming that the operator of the equation possesses a strongly semismooth derivative, but is not necessarily twice differentiable. These smoothness restrictions … Read more


This paper concerns the issue of asymptotic acceptance of the true Hessian and the full step by the sequential quadratic programming algorithm for equality-constrained optimization problems. In order to enforce global convergence, the algorithm is equipped with a standard Armijo linesearch procedure for a nonsmooth exact penalty function. The specificity of considerations here is that … Read more

Continuous selections of solutions for locally Lipschitzian equations

This paper answers in affirmative the long-standing question of nonlinear analysis, concerning the existence of a continuous single-valued local selection of the right inverse to a locally Lipschitzian mapping. Moreover, we develop a much more general result, providing conditions for the existence of a continuous single-valued selection not only locally, but rather on any given … Read more

Local attractors of newton-type methods for constrained equations and complementarity problems with nonisolated solutions

For constrained equations with nonisolated solutions, we show that if the equation mapping is 2-regular at a given solution with respect to a direction in the null space of the Jacobian, and this direction is interior feasible, then there is an associated domain of starting points from which a family of Newton-type methods is well-de ned … Read more

Convergence Conditions for Newton-type Methods Applied to Complementarity Systems with Nonisolated Solutions

We consider a class of Newton-type methods for constrained systems of equations that involve complementarity conditions. In particular, at issue are the constrained Levenberg–Marquardt method and the recently introduced Linear Programming-Newton method, designed for the difficult case when solutions need not be isolated, and the equation mapping need not be differentiable at the solutions. We … Read more

Local Convergence of the Method of Multipliers for Variational and Optimization Problems under the Sole Noncriticality Assumption

We present local convergence analysis of the method of multipliers for equality-constrained variational problems (in the special case of optimization, also called the augmented Lagrangian method) under the sole assumption that the dual starting point is close to a noncritical Lagrange multiplier (which is weaker than second-order sufficiency). Local superlinear convergence is established under the … Read more

Abstract Newtonian Frameworks and Their Applications

We unify and extend some Newtonian iterative frameworks developed earlier in the literature, which results in a collection of convenient tools for local convergence analysis of various algorithms under various sets of assumptions including strong metric regularity, semistability, or upper-Lipschizt stability, the latter allowing for nonisolated solutions. These abstract schemes are further applied for deriving … Read more

Attraction of Newton method to critical Lagrange multipliers: fully quadratic case

All previously known results concerned with attraction of Newton-type iterations for optimality systems to critical Lagrange multipliers were a posteriori by nature: they were showing that in case of convergence, the dual limit is in a sense unlikely to be noncritical. This paper suggests the first a priori result in this direction, showing that critical … Read more


This note suggests the implicit function theorem for generalized equations, unifying Robinson’s theorem for strongly regular generalized equations and Clarke’s implicit function theorem for equations with Lipschitz-continuous mappings. Article Download View STRONGLY REGULAR NONSMOOTH GENERALIZED EQUATIONS (REVISED)


In the context of mixed complementarity problems, various concepts of solution regularity are known, each of them playing a certain role in related theoretical and algorithmic developments. In this note, we provide the complete picture of relations between the most important regularity conditions for mixed complementarity problems. A special attention is paid to the particular … Read more