Fast convex optimization via inertial dynamics with Hessian driven damping

We first study the fast minimization properties of the trajectories of the second-order evolution equation \begin{equation*} \ddot{x}(t) + \frac{\alpha}{t} \dot{x}(t) + \beta \nabla^2 \Phi (x(t))\dot{x} (t) + \nabla \Phi (x(t)) = 0, \end{equation*} where $\Phi : \mathcal H \to \mathbb R$ is a smooth convex function acting on a real Hilbert space $\mathcal H$, and … Read more

The rate of convergence of Nesterov’s accelerated forward-backward method is actually (k^{-2})$

The {\it forward-backward algorithm} is a powerful tool for solving optimization problems with a {\it additively separable} and {\it smooth} + {\it nonsmooth} structure. In the convex setting, a simple but ingenious acceleration scheme developed by Nesterov has been proved useful to improve the theoretical rate of convergence for the function values from the standard … Read more

Fast convergence of inertial dynamics and algorithms with asymptotic vanishing damping

In a Hilbert space setting $\mathcal H$, we study the fast convergence properties as $t \to + \infty$ of the trajectories of the second-order differential equation \begin{equation*} \ddot{x}(t) + \frac{\alpha}{t} \dot{x}(t) + \nabla \Phi (x(t)) = g(t), \end{equation*} where $\nabla\Phi$ is the gradient of a convex continuously differentiable function $\Phi: \mathcal H \to \mathbb R$, … Read more

From error bounds to the complexity of first-order descent methods for convex functions

This paper shows that error bounds can be used as effective tools for deriving complexity results for first-order descent methods in convex minimization. In a first stage, this objective led us to revisit the interplay between error bounds and the Kurdyka-\L ojasiewicz (KL) inequality. One can show the equivalence between the two concepts for convex … Read more

Splitting methods with variable metric for KL functions

We study the convergence of general abstract descent methods applied to a lower semicontinuous nonconvex function f that satis es the Kurdyka-Lojasiewicz inequality in a Hilbert space. We prove that any precompact sequence converges to a critical point of f and obtain new convergence rates both for the values and the iterates. The analysis covers alternating … Read more

Alternating proximal algorithms for constrained variational inequalities. Application to domain decomposition for PDE’s

Let $\cX,\cY,\cZ$ be real Hilbert spaces, let $f : \cX \rightarrow \R\cup\{+\infty\}$, $g : \cY \rightarrow \R\cup\{+\infty\}$ be closed convex functions and let $A : \cX \rightarrow \cZ$, $B : \cY \rightarrow \cZ$ be linear continuous operators. Let us consider the constrained minimization problem $$ \min\{f(x)+g(y):\quad Ax=By\}.\leqno (\cP)$$ Given a sequence $(\gamma_n)$ which tends toward … Read more

Asymptotic convergence to the optimal value of diagonal proximal iterations in convex minimization

Given an approximation $\{f_n\}$ of a given objective function $f$, we provide simple and fairly general conditions under which a diagonal proximal point algorithm approximates the value $\inf f$ at a reasonable rate. We also perform some numerical tests and present a short survey on finite convergence. Citation To appear in Journal of Convex Analysis, … Read more

Strong asymptotic convergence of evolution equations governed by maximal monotone operators

We consider the Tikhonov-like dynamics $-\dot u(t)\in A(u(t))+\varepsilon(t)u(t)$ where $A$ is a maximal monotone operator and the parameter function $\eps(t)$ tends to 0 for $t\to\infty$ with $\int_0^\infty\eps(t)dt=\infty$. When $A$ is the subdifferential of a closed proper convex function $f$, we establish strong convergence of $u(t)$ towards the least-norm minimizer of $f$. In the general case … Read more

Asymptotic almost-equivalence of abstract evolution systems

We study the asymptotic behavior of almost-orbits of abstract evolution systems in Banach spaces with or without a Lipschitz assumption. In particular, we establish convergence, convergence in average and almost-convergence of almost-orbits both for the weak and the strong topologies based on the behavior of the orbits. We also analyze the set of almost-stationary points. … Read more

Asymptotic equivalence and Kobayashi-type estimates for nonautonomous monotone operators in Banach spaces

We provide a sharp generalization to the nonautonomous case of the well-known Ko\-ba\-yashi estimate for proximal iterates associated with maximal monotone operators. We then derive a bound for the distance between a continuous-in-time trajectory, namely the solution to the differential inclusion $\dot{x} + A(t)x\ni 0$, and the corresponding proximal iterations. We also establish continuity properties … Read more