Granularity for mixed-integer polynomial optimization problems

Finding good feasible points is crucial in mixed-integer programming. For this purpose we combine a sufficient condition for consistency, called granularity, with the moment-/sos-hierarchy from polynomial optimization. If the mixed-integer problem is granular, we obtain feasible points by solving continuous polynomial problems and rounding their optimal points. The moment-/sos-hierarchy is hereby used to solve those … Read more

Considering homeowner acceptance of retrofit measures within energy supply network optimization

A key factor towards a low-carbon society is energy efficient heating of private houses. The choice of heating technology as well as the decision for certain energy-efficient house renovations are made mainly by individual homeowners. In contrast, municipal energy network planning heavily depends on and strongly affects these decisions. Further, there are different conflicting objectives … Read more

Computing an enclosure for multiobjective mixed-integer nonconvex optimization problems using piecewise linear relaxations

In this paper, a new method for computing an enclosure of the nondominated set of multiobjective mixed-integer problems without any convexity requirements is presented. In fact, our criterion space method makes use of piecewise linear relaxations in order to bypass the nonconvexity of the original problem. The method chooses adaptively which level of relaxation is … Read more