A single cut proximal bundle method for stochastic convex composite optimization

This paper considers optimization problems where the objective is the sum of a function given by an expectation and a closed convex composite function, and proposes stochastic composite proximal bundle (SCPB) methods for solving it. Complexity guarantees are established for them without requiring knowledge of parameters associated with the problem instance. Moreover, it is shown … Read more

Operation of an ambulance fleet under uncertainty

We introduce two new optimization models for the dispatch of ambulances. These models are to our knowledge the first providing a full modelling of the operation of an ambulance fleet, taking into account all or almost all constraints of the problem. The first model, called the ambulance selection problem, is used when an emergency call … Read more

Risk-Averse Stochastic Optimal Control: an efficiently computable statistical upper bound

In this paper, we discuss an application of the SDDP type algorithm to nested risk-averse formulations of Stochastic Optimal Control (SOC) problems. We propose a construction of a statistical upper bound for the optimal value of risk-averse SOC problems. This outlines an approach to a solution of a long standing problem in that area of … Read more

On the strong concavity of the dual function of an optimization problem

We provide three new proofs of the strong concavity of the dual function of some convex optimization problems. For problems with nonlinear constraints, we show that the the assumption of strong convexity of the objective cannot be weakened to convexity and that the assumption that the gradients of all constraints at the optimal solution are … Read more

Constant Depth Decision Rules for multistage optimization under uncertainty

In this paper, we introduce a new class of decision rules, referred to as Constant Depth Decision Rules (CDDRs), for multistage optimization under linear constraints with uncertainty-affected right-hand sides. We consider two uncertainty classes: discrete uncertainties which can take at each stage at most a fixed number d of different values, and polytopic uncertainties which, … Read more

Inexact cuts in SDDP applied to multistage stochastic nondifferentiable problems

In [13], an Inexact variant of Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming (SDDP) called ISDDP was introduced which uses approximate (instead of exact with SDDP) primal dual solutions of the problems solved in the forward and backward passes of the method. That variant of SDDP was studied in [13] for linear and for differentiable nonlinear Multistage Stochastic … Read more

Stochastic Dynamic Cutting Plane for multistage stochastic convex programs

We introduce StoDCuP (Stochastic Dynamic Cutting Plane), an extension of the Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming (SDDP) algorithm to solve multistage stochastic convex optimization problems. At each iteration, the algorithm builds lower affine functions not only for the cost-to-go functions, as SDDP does, but also for some or all nonlinear cost and constraint functions. We show … Read more

Duality and sensitivity analysis of multistage linear stochastic programs

In this paper we investigate the dual of a Multistage Stochastic Linear Program (MSLP) to study two related questions for this class of problems. The first of these questions is the study of the optimal value of the problem as a function of the involved parameters. For this sensitivity analysis problem, we provide formulas for … Read more

Single cut and multicut SDDP with cut selection for multistage stochastic linear programs: convergence proof and numerical experiments

We introduce a variant of Multicut Decomposition Algorithms (MuDA), called CuSMuDA (Cut Selection for Multicut Decomposition Algorithms), for solving multistage stochastic linear programs that incorporates a class of cut selection strategies to choose the most relevant cuts of the approximate recourse functions. This class contains Level 1 and Limited Memory Level 1 cut selection strategies, … Read more

Inexact cuts in Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming

We introduce an extension of Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming (SDDP) to solve stochastic convex dynamic programming equations. This extension applies when some or all primal and dual subproblems to be solved along the forward and backward passes of the method are solved with bounded errors (inexactly). This inexact variant of SDDP is described both for … Read more