Global Convergence of Radial Basis Function Trust Region Derivative-Free Algorithms

We analyze globally convergent derivative-free trust region algorithms relying on radial basis function interpolation models. Our results extend the recent work of Conn, Scheinberg, and Vicente to fully linear models that have a nonlinear term. We characterize the types of radial basis functions that fit in our analysis and thus show global convergence to first-order … Read more

Robust Energy Cost Optimization of Water Distribution System with Uncertain Demand

A methodology, based on the concept of Affinely Adjustable Robust Optimization, for optimizing daily operation of pumping stations is proposed, which takes into account the fact that a water distribution system in reality is unavoidably affected by uncertainties. For operation control, the main source of uncertainty is the uncertainty in the demand. Traditional methods for … Read more

Concrete Structure Design Using Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming with Complementarity Constraints

We present a mixed-integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) formulation to achieve minimum-cost designs for reinforced concrete (RC) structures that satisfy building code requirements. The objective function includes material and labor costs for concrete, steel reinforcing bars, and formwork according to typical contractor methods. Restrictions enforce correct geometry of the cross-section dimensions for each element and relative … Read more

Project Scheduling

Nowadays, construction projects grow in complexity and size. So, finding feasible schedules which efficiently use scarce resources is a challenging task within project management. Project scheduling consists of determining the starting and finishing times of the activities in a project. These activities are linked by precedence relations and their processing requires one or more resources. … Read more

Water Network Design by MINLP

We propose a solution method for a water-network optimization problem using a nonconvex continuous NLP (nonlinear programming) relaxation and a MINLP (mixed integer nonlinear programming) search. Our approach employs a relatively simple and accurate model that pays some attention to the requirements of the solvers that we employ. Our view is that in doing so, … Read more

Robust Semidefinite Programming Approaches for Sensor Network Localization with Anchors

We derive a robust primal-dual interior-point algorithm for a semidefinite programming, SDP, relaxation for sensor localization with anchors and with noisy distance information. The relaxation is based on finding a Euclidean Distance Matrix, EDM, that is nearest in the Frobenius norm for the known noisy distances and that satisfies given upper and lower bounds on … Read more

Optimization of Flexural capacity Of Reinforced fibrous concrete Beams Using Genetic Algorithm

In this paper formulation and solution technique using Genetic algorithms (GAs) for Optimizing the flexural capacity of steel fiber reinforced concrete beams, with random orientated steel fibers, is presented along with identification of design variables, objective function and constraints. The most important factors which influence the ultimate load carrying capacity of FRC are the volume … Read more

Reservoir Operation by Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms

In this paper, ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithms are proposed for reservoir operation. Through a collection of cooperative agents called ants, the nearoptimum solution to the reservoir operation can be effectively achieved. To apply ACO algorithms, the problem is approached by considering a finite horizon with a time series of inflow, classifying the reservoir volume … Read more