A Separation Algorithm for the Simple Plant Location Problem

The Simple Plant Location Problem (SPLP) is a well-known NP-hard optimisation problem with applications in logistics. Although many families of facet-defining inequalities are known for the associated polyhedron, very little work has been done on separation algorithms. We present the first ever polynomial-time separation algorithm for the SPLP that separates exactly over an exponentially large … Read more

The vehicle allocation problem: alternative formulation and branch-and-price method

The Vehicle Allocation Problem (VAP) consists of repositioning empty vehicles across a set of terminals over a given planning horizon so as to maximize the profits generated from serving demand for transportation of goods between pair of terminals. This problem has been classically modeled using an extended space-time network which captures the staging of the … Read more

Homogeneous polynomials and spurious local minima on the unit sphere

We consider degree-d forms on the Euclidean unit sphere. We specialize to our setting a genericity result by Nie obtained in a more general framework. We exhibit an homogeneous polynomial Res in the coefficients of f, such that if Res(f) is not zero then all points that satisfy first- and second-order necessary optimality conditions are … Read more

Two-Stage Robust Telemedicine Assignment Problem with Uncertain Service Duration and No-Show Behaviours

The current pandemic of COVID-19 has caused significant strain on medical center resources, which are the main places to provide the rapid response to COVID-19 through the adoption of telemedicine. Thus healthcare managers must make an effective assignment plan for the patients and telemedical doctors when providing telemedicine services. Motivated by this, we present the … Read more