Totally Unimodular Congestion Games

We investigate a new class of congestion games, called Totally Unimodular Congestion Games, in which the strategies of each player are expressed as binary vectors lying in a polyhedron defined using a totally unimodular constraint matrix and an integer right-hand side. We study both the symmetric and the asymmetric variants of the game. In the … Read more

A polyhedral study of binary polynomial programs

We study the polyhedral convex hull of a mixed-integer set S defined by a collection of multilinear equations over the 0-1-cube. Such sets appear frequently in the factorable reformulation of mixed-integer nonlinear optimization problems. In particular, the set S represents the feasible region of a linearized unconstrained binary polynomial optimization problem. We define an equivalent … Read more

Minimizing Cubic and Homogeneous Polynomials over Integers in the Plane

We complete the complexity classification by degree of minimizing a polynomial in two variables over the integer points in a polyhedron. Previous work shows that in two variables, optimizing a quadratic polynomial over the integer points in a polyhedral region can be done in polynomial time, while optimizing a quartic polynomial in the same type … Read more

Mixed-integer Quadratic Programming is in NP

Mixed-integer quadratic programming (MIQP) is the problem of optimizing a quadratic function over points in a polyhedral set where some of the components are restricted to be integral. In this paper, we prove that the decision version of mixed-integer quadratic programming is in NP, thereby showing that it is NP-complete. This is established by showing … Read more